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os_linux::linux_escalade_device Class Reference

CCISS RAID support. More...

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Public Types

enum  escalade_type_t { AMCC_3WARE_678K, AMCC_3WARE_678K_CHAR, AMCC_3WARE_9000_CHAR, AMCC_3WARE_9700_CHAR }

Public Member Functions

 linux_escalade_device (smart_interface *intf, const char *dev_name, escalade_type_t escalade_type, int disknum)
virtual bool open ()
 Open device, return false on error.
virtual bool ata_pass_through (const ata_cmd_in &in, ata_cmd_out &out)
 ATA pass through.

Private Attributes

escalade_type_t m_escalade_type
 Controller type.
int m_disknum
 Disk number.

Detailed Description

CCISS RAID support.

AMCC/3ware RAID support

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

os_linux::linux_escalade_device::linux_escalade_device ( smart_interface intf,
const char *  dev_name,
escalade_type_t  escalade_type,
int  disknum 

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Member Function Documentation

bool os_linux::linux_escalade_device::ata_pass_through ( const ata_cmd_in in,
ata_cmd_out out 
) [virtual]

ATA pass through.

Return false on error. Must be implemented in derived class.

Implements ata_device.

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bool os_linux::linux_escalade_device::open ( ) [virtual]

Open device, return false on error.

Reimplemented from os_linux::linux_smart_device.

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Member Data Documentation

Disk number.

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Controller type.

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